RIB 900

RIB 900
RIB 900
RIB 900
RIB 900
RIB 900

Short description

RIB 900 is a multifunctional motor boat with inflatable balloons and a rigid aluminum hull.

The strong aluminum hull of the RIB 900 boat has classical shape – "deep V" that provides excellent seaworthiness characteristics and a comfortable course on waves.



9,1 m
Total width / with deflated balloons:
3,3 m / 2,45 m
Cockpit width:
2,1 m
Maximum load:
3900 kg
Passenger capacity:
up to 18
Recommended motor output:
2 х 250 hp
Maximum motor output:
2 х 350 hp
rigid welded aluminum
Balloon diameter:
600 мм.
Balloon material:
ПВХ Valmex или Hypalon ORCA
Number of compartments: